Interview : Ray Azuma (alias “Wildy”) – English Version

Interview : Ray Azuma (alias “Wildy”) – English Version

Interview Original

By Zéphyr Copper Xetal

  • Hello Wildy, it’s a pleasure to be able to do this interview with you, Tell us more about yourself! Who are you?

Hey Zephyr and first of all thank you so much for this opportunity!

Well I’m Wildy, a very playful doggo and also a Dj from Austria just enjoying his puppy life to the fullest.

  • How long have you started Puppy Play? What do you enjoy doing the most as a Pup?

It has been a bit more than a year now. Or to be more precise, that’s the time when I got my hood. I already met puppies in autumn 2018 and enjoyed talking to them a lot so it was just a matter of time until I wanted to join the fun as well.

What I enjoy the most is the interaction with other puppies and to simply turn off my daily life for a few hours, just pupping around and releasing the inner most being. I also love creating content as a pup and had a great time last year when my DJ partner Wiley invited me to Florida for two months. Almost every day we’ve been making pictures, silly videos or instastories. Really miss this time.

  • Do you belong to a pack? Or do you have a handler?

Well not really a pack in the classic sense. I do have a little group of pups I often hang out with. On Telegram we named our group Vienna Party Doggos cause we often go out to all kinds of LGBTQ+ clubbings with our hoods on and having a good time together. It’s always fun to see the reactions of the other party people and occasionally we meet “potential new pups” who are very curious about our “outfits” and wanting to know more.

  • Your videos with your Wildy Pup clones are pretty popular on Facebook! How did you get this idea? Do you do everything by yourself or do you work with a team?

This happened during quarantine. I was just working in my studio doing some guitar recordings for a client and later that night I wanted to do a Insta Story so I grabbed my hood and started howling for the camera as I suddenly heard many echos of it chime around the room because I forgot that the mic was still switched on connected with a long reverb and delay effect. It felt like sitting in the middle of a wolfpack…or a puppy choir. That’s how the idea was born.

The entire production I always do by myself but I’m sometimes also having some special doggo guests.

  • You have been runner up at Puppy Austria election in 2020. How was this experience? Did it help you to get more visibility for your projects?

It was a great experience and super exciting to meet all the Title Holders who visited us. Also to hang out and play with so many local and foreign doggos was amazing. One funny thing I remember is that some people were actually hoping to see Pup Yoshi and me rival against each other more but we went in as friends and this whole competition actually strengthened our friendship even more.

And yes it definitely did help! That’s where I got to know Pup Kona and Pup Thaly for example who joined me in my recent puppy choir video because we’ve been talking about music and figured we should do something together someday. And well it finally happened.

  • You also participated to « The Secret Talent of Pets » in 2020, and ended up 6th out of 45 contest entries! How did you find this contest? Will you try it again next year? What did you get out of it?

Just amazing! So many impressive talents! It was great to be part of it! Yeah I definitely will participate again next year.

And I did get out of it a lot. Besides the fun of joining it I got to know some new really cool pups including Pup Alwa, a very talented viola player who also became part of the recent music video.

One thing that was really unexpected was when the guys from Puppy Pride offered me a gift package too because they enjoyed my contest entry a lot.

  • It seems you’re mixing up your life as a Puppy and a DJ 🙂 How is it received by your audience or by your followers? What kind of music do you usually like to mix and where can we find you at the turntables?

In most cases very positively even if they don’t really know much about the backgrounds of pupplay. Of course sometimes there are people who can’t relate to it at all but I’m fine with that.

The genre I love to mix and produce the most is Circuit Music. It’s also one of my dreams to DJ at those really big Circuit Festivals around the world someday. But at the moment you will mostly find me on turntables in Vienna or Graz. However, once things are getting better around the world I’m also planning to DJ in some neighbouring countries as well. Beside of Circuit I can spin Pop, House, Techno, Psytrance or Hardstyle too.

  • Do you have other upcoming projects and/or videos you’d like to share with us?

Well I’m planning to do more random outdoor videos together with friends in the future. And of course you can have an exclusive preview of what they will look like.

  • Is there any message you’d like to share with other Pups and/or with those who read us?

Be who you are! You are the one who decides what kind of doggo you want to be. I’ve been receiving lots of messages from pups who just started exploring this whole thing and being too afraid to actually meet others because they’ve never done it before or might make mistakes. You just need to know there is no “The one only correct way” of pupplay. So just do how it comes from your heart.

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