Interview : Puppy Italy 2020 – Igor – English

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Interview : Puppy Italy 2020 – Igor – English

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  • Hello Igor and thank you very much for accepting this interview. For starters, why being a Puppy? What does it mean to you to be part of this family?

Hello to you.

There can be several reasons to be a puppy, and one of them is the creation of a family over time.

There are many communities related to fetishes but I dare you to find one that gives as many cuddles as ours.

The world of Puppy Play is different from the others: it’s a place where time stops, we go back to childhood, we play, we love each other and we spread happiness around us.

It’s a way to simplify our everyday life and get rid of everyday stress.

  • Where does your name and who you give it?

My name comes from the same place as my breed: Russia. The Samoyed is a dog of Russian origin and I wanted to make the connection between my name and my breed.

  • Speaking of family, do your family or friends know about your puppy life?

My mother knows, and so does my brother. All my friends are on my Facebook and know about my pup-life. Concretely, the only people who don’t know about my pup-life are my co-workers. I don’t think they should know about it, and I don’t think they would understand anyway.

  • Why do you feel better as a pup actually?

The dog usually gets cuddled by everybody, and everybody loves to cuddle but I like it a little bit more.

Also, the dog has a special bond with the human that no other animal can have so easily. It has a joy communication that satisfies his owner no matter what they do together.

It’s always a pleasure to remain close to him: he is always loyal to him and only to him. I see myself a lot in this. Also, being a puppy allows me to play “being the little one” and for me that’s important.

I’m a big boy, and my height suggests that I’m the one who wants to keep everything under control but that’s not always the case.

  • What are your responsibilities as Puppy Italy 2020?

I have to represent my entire community without leaving anyone out and without offending anybody neither. It’s important for me to represent it in this entirety, including those who have kinks different from mine, because we are a family and having fun together is our only goal.

  • Do you have an Handler?

I have neither Handler or Master. For now, I’m a cuddler stray pup.

  • What do you think is the main quality that makes you the Puppy Italy 2020?

I think it was my cuddly side in both my behavior and my performance. The message that I want everyone to understand is that in a world where Instagram and Facebook are full of very kinky pups, there is also room for vanilla pup. And they should not feel “less puppy” for this reason.

  • Igor, how do you imagine the next few months beginning your Puppy Italy Mandate?

I imagine it with a lot of traveling, I have never been out of Italy and I think that’s the right opportunity.

I want to meet other pups, other Masters (and Mistresses). I want to know why they do it and which message they want to communicate.

This way, I hope I’ll be able to understand the reasons that motivate them.

I also want to continue my information project on YouTube thanks also to these trips.

  • Last question, if you can help one LGBT+ cause, which one would it be?

Pride first and foremost. We need to be proud of what we are, whether we are thin or fat, tall or short, cisgender or transgender, gay or bisexual, kinky or vanilla, puppy or dogslave, dom or sub. I’m really pissed off with the LGBT community discriminating other LGBT communities.
Many thanks Igor for the interview in Italian and in English. Thanks also too Zephyr for the English corrections.

Interview by Agron Copper Xetal

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